Kickin K Ranch GuinevereBred

Goat, Nubian - Mini, Sr. Doe (female) | Black, Tan and White

MDGA# XN06247 | DOB: 3/24/2016 (2 yrs) (Due Date: 3/10/2019)

Latte Bella Sir Lancelot
BerryPatch Farms I Dream of Genie
Service Sire:
Laz E Acre's Shooting Star *B


Laz E Acre's Shooting Star *B

Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Frosted Chamoisee, frosted ears
MDGA# AMN06248DOB: 2/3/20163 yrs
F5 53.21 % Nubian / 46.79% Nigerian Sire: Laz E Acre's Evan Almighty 6th gen tested G6S Normal Percentage: 56.43%/43.57% earned Grand Champion and Best Senior Buck in Show! fall 2016 Unfortunately, he was very close to 33 inches tall at 3 1/2 years old. He stayed at 30 inches for his entire 2nd year and then must have had a growth spurt. Sire's Sire: FCH Cornerstone Farm Moon Light 30 inches Sire's Sire: Echo Hill's Winchester Sire's Dam: Cornerstone Farm Glitter Sire's Dam: WR Ranch Heidi *P earned her milk star on her second freshening and produced 11# of milk at her peak. She was an easy to milk doe with a soft udder. Dam's Sire: Caldwell Creek's Fanny's Freddy Mac Dam's Dam: TW Ranch Matillda Dam: Echo Hill's SG Bunny 2*P 4th Gen American Percentage: 50%/50% MDGA # AMN02127 Height: 25 1/2 " 1st place MDGA summer show 2013 Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's He's 'A' Gem Sire's Sire: FCH Echo Hill's Sinbad *B Sire's Dam: Echo Hill's Emerald 2*P Dam's Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Phoebe's Sweetie *P Dam's Sire: Hidden Creek's Reuben Dam's Dam: Hidden Creek's Cinnamint's Tinker
 MDGA# AMN06248 Frosted Chamoisee, frosted ears



kidded 6/12/2018 twins doe and buck

Sire: Lancelot

Dam: Genie

Bred to shooter for spring 2019 kids

Updated 1/14/2019


F3 bottle baby Doeling
Jr. Doe (female)Under 1 yrBlack, Tan and White